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Bryson DeChambeau and Kyle Berkshire put on an absolute nuke show at a Drive Shack

November 29, 2023

Bryson DeChambeau and Kyle Berkshire put on an impressive power display at a Drive Shack on Tuesday night. We just hope there was no one walking or driving behind the giant net.

First, Berkshire, fresh off winning a third World Long Drive title, launched a ball into the night sky. Then he tossed his driver to his buddy and the 2020 U.S. Open champ, who crushed one of his own before giving a salute to the camera. And we're pretty sure the facility could contain these two long drive legends. Have a look:

Pretty impressive. "See ya," DeChambeau says at the end. Although, again, we hope he's not referring to someone on the other side of that net needing an ambulance.

Anyway, DeChambeau has had some wild weight swings in certain years, but he looks absolutely jacked in this video. And he's coming off a strong season that included two LIV victories, a round of 58(!), and a T-4 at the PGA Championship. He's also involved in a new Drive Shack/Topgolf competitor called UnderPar Life, so maybe he was doing some research. You know, stuff like, how far out does the net need to be if two of the longest hitters on the planet show up?

In any event, those on hand were treated to some fireworks. And hopefully, no one was injured during the show.