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Bryson DeChambeau has gained an incredible (Hulk) amount of weight in a short time

October 24, 2019

Phil Mickelson has turned heads of late by shedding pounds faster than he flashes thumbs-ups during a pro-am. But one of golf's young stars is going in the opposite direction on the scale.

Earlier this month, Bryson DeChambeau told he planned to "look like a different person" next year. And judging by the videos and photos he shared on Instagram on Wednesday, the recently turned 26-year-old is well on his way to accomplishing his goal. While his colleagues are playing in Asia, DeChambeau has been busy in the gym. Getting YOKED.

"Prior weight was 195 and I'm aiming to get to 230. Currently sitting at 220 so getting close!" the 6-foot-1, five-time PGA Tour winner said.

Wow. That's a lot of weight gain in a short time. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could gain a quick 25 pounds if I really wanted to, but it would be all in chocolate.

Anyway, here's how DeChambeau previously explained his weight-gaining method in typical DeChambeau fashion.

“We make sure the neurological threshold is just as high as the mechanical threshold."

OK ...

"In layman's terms, pretty much whatever muscle potentially you have, how big and the muscle spindles you have, you can recruit every single one of them to their full potential throughout the whole range and training the whole range of motion.”

Whatever that means, it seems to be working. Whether it winds up helping his golf game remains to be seen.