124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Brooks Being Brooks

Brooks Koepka described his incredible eagle chip-in as only Brooks Koepka can

February 10, 2021

Christian Petersen

Immediately after K.H. Lee missed his long birdie putt, securing victory for Brooks Koepka, the four-time major champ was asked about the shot that won him the tournament. You've probably seen it a few times already, but let's run it back anyway: 

Incredible shot. The type that slams the door on the tournament. The type a clutch, gutsy player pulls off when he needs it most. But, also, one where there had to be a little luck involved, no? 

"I felt like the chip, it was -- if I just caught it right in the fringe it was going to check up on me, and it did perfectly," said Koepka on Sunday at TPC Scottsdale. "Took a nice little right kick for me, and didn't look anywhere else but the hole." 

Fair enough. In that situation, the best players in the world are probably going for the hole and settling for a tap-in birdie. Nothing wrong with that description. 

After a day or two of thinking it over, though, Koepka had a much different description of the miraculous hole out on the popular "Pardon My Take" podcast, which he frequently joins as a guest. The laid-back environment allowed Brooks to describe the chip-in in a much more blunt Brooks way. 

"That was just dumb luck that it went in, just real dumb luck, to be honest with you" Koepka told hosts Dan "Big Cat" Katz and PFT Commenter. "If you really want me to be honest about it, there was three sprinkler heads in my way, and I went up to the green to go look at it and I was like 'oh, if I land these right on line with the sprinkler heads, that's where I want to land it and I'll have myself like a six or eight footer if I hit a good shot.

"But because they [the sprinkler heads] were right there I had to go a little bit further right. And the ball took a weird little hop and, I'll be honest with you, it shouldn't have gone in. That was just stupid luck, man." 

That's the brutally honest Brooks we know and love. NOW he's fully back.