Brooks vs. Bryson

Brooks Koepka catches wind of Bryson's split with caddie, begins trolling the hell out of him

There is absolutely a chance this whole Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau thing is one big elaborate troll, one that can only end with the two shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries on the first tee of a made-for-TV exhibition match. But not today, not on this Rocket Mortgage Classic Thursday, when news broke of Bryson splitting with longtime caddie Tim Tucker on the eve of a tournament the Mad Scientist was preparing to defend.

Today, the Brooks-Bryson hatred is still very, very real, at least on Koepka's end. After catching wind of the breakup, the four-time major champ took to Twitter and went full Tom Petty on DeChambeau's ass, hitting send on a troll job tweet to end all troll job tweets. THIS TOUR!!!

Even the few and the proud Bryson stans left, or just Koepka haters, couldn't help but crack a smile at this one. We are talking less than one hour from the news officially breaking to this tweet being sent. And let's be honest, it was probably ready to roll way before that. Brooksy can't stop, won't stop feeding in to this saga that refuses to die. 

What's that, you ask? Is there more? Oh yes... much like a Billy Mays Oxyclean commercial, there is most certainly more:

Given how many silly "days" there already are these days (there has legitimately been at least three "National Donut Day"s already this year, as if America needed an excuse to eat more donuts), I'm actually surprised Caddie Appreciation Day didn't exist already, and that it was not a caddie that came up with it. Brooksy continues to be one of the game's great trailblazers. 

Don't know about you guys, but you can continue injecting every last bit of this into our veins. Anyone who says differently is one of those terrible party guests that doesn't realize they are killing the vibe every time they open their mouth. Don't be that person. Embrace the hate.