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Brooke Henderson relies on this unorthodox chip-shot. It’s easy to copy

January 25, 2024

Ezra Shaw

Brooke Henderson was defending her title at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions when she hit a nifty little bump and run on the 14th hole. Instead of using an iron, the 13-time LPGA winner used her hybrid. She knocked it in for eagle on the 14th hole at Lake Nona.

This shot works for Henderson on tour, and it can work for you at your course.

“This is a great shot for golfers of all skill levels to have in their bag for use espeically when confidence with their wedge isn’t high, but they recognize that a chip shot is needed,” Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Molly Braid said.

Braid says to grip down and set up with a slightly open stance. “Shoulders stay square to the ball and weight stays centered. Make a putting stroke. Expect a little airtime from the ball at contact and then the ball will roll the rest of the way to the hole like a putt,” Braid says.

Compared to other shots around the green, this is a relatively simple one to master. One thing Braid says to look out for is where your weight is at setup.

“If your weight goes too far toward your target side in the setup, the club will get delofted and the ball will come off with too much speed and roll more than expected.”

Braid recommends this shot when you’re faced with tight or muddy lies, and when you’re chipping from run off areas around the green.