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"Bro, be careful!" Tiger Woods' playing partner shares funny story about that famous ace at TPC Scottsdale

February 01, 2017

Not that Golf Channel or CBS needed another reason to show Tiger Woods' hole-in-one at the 1997 Phoenix Open, but this week marks the 20th anniversary of that memorable moment. So yeah, get ready to see it on loop.

But here's something you probably haven't seen regarding that ace on the infamous 16th hole during the third round. It's the Tour's recent interview with the man who was playing with Woods that day, Omar Uresti. Here's how the 48-year-old journeyman describes how it all went down.

A few lines stick out, including Uresti admitting to getting a little cocky after going first and hitting his shot tight:

"Unfortunately, I made the mistake of thinking to myself, 'let's see you hit it closer than that.'"

Then there was how he described the noise:

"They say it rattled the windows of the clubhouse, which was about six or seven hundred yards away. So it was a very loud roar."

And finally, this funny story involving Uresti's brother/caddie and that initial celebration with Woods:

"We were going back for the high-five and my brother, I just vaguely remember hearing him go, 'Bro, be careful!' when we were swinging," Uresti says. "So we kinda held up -- or I held up -- and missed. Then we went back and made it on the second one."

And all along, we just thought it was another in a long line of botched high-fives by PGA Tour pros. OK, Omar, we believe you. We guess.