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British teen gets driving ban for drunkenly going to McDonald's drive-through in golf cart

June 20, 2018

A British teen who drunkenly drove a golf cart to a McDonald's drive-through last month met the swift hand of justice earlier this week. Jamie Elliot, 18, won't be allowed to drive vehicles of any kind for one year. We're guessing he's not loving that.

As part of his punishment, Elliot will also have to pay 235 pounds (about $309) in penalties and court fees. Just think of all the Big Macs that could have bought. . .

Elliot took the golf cart from Catterick Golf Club, which is over a mile away from the McDonald's. Fortunately for Elliot, his admission to one count of driving while unfit through drink didn't include any charges for, um, borrowing the "buggy."

North Yorkshire police apprehended Elliot driving the golf cart in the wee hours of May 29. He blew a reading of 47 micrograms of alcohol for every 100 milliliters of breath on his breathalyzer, well over the UK's legal limit of 35. Police described it as the "most unusual job of the night" in a Facebook post.