Please, Golf Gods?

British Open 2022: Justin Thomas literally praying for his shot to miss a bunker is the most relatable moment of the week

The bumps and knobs in the fairways and green surrounds at the Old Course of St. Andrews leaves you at the mercy of some luck. The vagaries of a proper links like this means that one slight kick left or right of a mound and you might be in one of the 110 bunkers that have terrorized golfers for centuries ... or you might be sitting pretty.

You might imagine that this could lead you to pray to the golf gods for a nice bounce or two from time to time.

We're sure that was happening all week. But Justin Thomas was caught kind of audibly praying for nice treatment from the undulations of the Old Course on Sunday in the final round, and it was pretty hilarious.

It's been a tough week for JT, one of the tournament favorites, who certainly didn't envision himself having an early tee time in the final round.

Still, there's a lot of pride on the line as evidenced by JT, who acted like all of us would as his ball bounded down the fairway.