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British Open 2019: Besides contending at Portrush, J.B. Holmes has been FaceTiming his dog (and his son, too)


Harry How/Getty Images

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland — Through 36 holes of the Open Championship, having posted rounds of 66-68 at Royal Portrush to be near the top of the leader board, J.B. Holmes has struggled to find anything but positives about his time overseas. Well, except for the fact that he’s only here with his wife, Erica, the couple leaving back home with family their 18-month-old son, Tucker, and their dog, Ace.

The family’s goldendoodle is a new member of the Holmes’ crew, having been won at a charity auction late last year. Erica gave him the name (“[She] was trying to think of some kind of golf name.”), and quickly Ace has become a key part the family. So much so that Holmes has taken the puppy with him when traveling to several events on the PGA Tour this year.

“We found out a way to be able to get him to travel,” Holmes said. “He’s been on hundreds of planes, probably. I don’t know how many flights he’s taken, but he’s been on a bunch.”

But Holmes said that paperwork to allow Ace to travel overseas became a little too complicated.

“It’s worth it having a piece of home, being able to travel with a piece of home with you,” Holmes said. “He’s like a family member. … It’s nice to have him around.”

Holmes obviously has managed to handle being apart, but during his Friday afternoon press conference, the 37-year-old tour veteran noted that he has tried to keep in touch with Tucker and Ace this week.

“Well, we FaceTime the son, and the dog is in the background; they're never too far apart,” Holmes said.

The notion of Holmes FaceTiming his pooch intrigued local reporters, who asked if the dog gets right up to the screen during their conversations.

“He hears our voice. He doesn’t much like the phone.”