Drag Him

Montreal veteran Brendan Gallagher rips into Ottawa's Tim Stützle for 'laying on the ice'

In his nearly 10 NHL seasons, Brendan Gallagher has been the rare type of player who can produce offensively while also stirring the pot out on the ice. A discount version of Boston's Brad Marchand, if you will.

Naturally, Gallagher has his fair share of haters, though even the biggest ones may have agreed with a certain point he made in a postgame press conference Tuesday night. Following his team's 6-3 loss at the hands of the Ottawa Senators, Gallagher was asked about Sens second-year winger Tim Stützle, who had one of Ottawa's six goals.

Stützle, apparently, has been known to sell a few penalty calls in his limited time in the show, and by sell we mean lay down on the ice. In their 10 meetings the past two years, Gallagher has taken notice, and he had reached his breaking point on Tuesday. Here's Gallagher ripping into the 20-year-old for "laying on the ice":

Oh boy, Gallagher broke out the tried and true "there's kids watching. We're role models." That's when you know sh-t just got real. Think of the children Tim! The children!!

Jokes aside, Gallagher does seem to have a point here. There's nothing wrong with selling a call, which Gallagher has been known to do, but when you delve into fake injury territory and you're back on the ice next shift, it's a tough look. I'm sure everyone in the replies and comment sections on social media will agree, have a civil discourse about it, and move on with their lives.