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Father of Chargers defensive tackle Breiden Fehoko makes jumbotron, puts on absolutely electric performance

There are proud papas, and then there is Vili Fehoko.

On Saturday night, Vili's son Breiden, a defensive tackle for the L.A. Chargers, began his second preseason in the NFL. The former Texas Tech Red Raider and LSU Tiger went undrafted in 2020, but wound up suiting up in eight games for the Bolts in 2021, including the heartbreaking overtime loss in the regular season finale against the Las Vegas Raiders, which knocked them out of the playoffs.

In the preseason opener, the Chargers fell 29-22 to the L.A. Rams, but the night was a successful one for Fehoko, who had one tackle and an assisted tackle. More importantly, though, his pops made the jumbotron.

And this was no standard jumbotron appearance. Vili put on an electric performance that featured some dancing, a little tongue-wagging and plenty of chest-pumping. Breiden happened to be looking up just in time for this to happen, making for a hilarious video:

"Yo, pops needs to chill," Fehoko can be heard saying at the end. We're going to have to agree to disagree on that one, Breiden. 

That said, Breiden did say his dad, who goes by VILI THE WARRIOR on Twitter (of course he does), needs his own TV show, and we're fully on board. We need way more Vili in our lives. By the way, Vili, who played football growing up and ended up playing semi-pro for a few years, was quite literally the Warrior mascot at the University of Hawaii up until 2012, so he's got plenty of experience putting on a show. The man is an electric factory.