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Brandt Snedeker's epic "dad fail" probably means he's lost birthday planning privileges

March 02, 2018

To be fair, Brandt Snedeker seems to have great taste in birthday cakes. He picked a donut cake to celebrate his daughter's birthday on Thursday and it looked delicious. The only problem was that his daughter's name is Lily, and, well. . .

Whoops. Don't beat yourself up about it too much, Brandt. The ol' Billy-instead-of-Lily switcheroo must be one of the most common confectionary personalization errors in the baking biz. At least the names rhymed. And at least Snedeker's wife didn't seem too upset by the mix-up:

That whole "these guys are good" slogan only applies to the golf course. Although, again, Brandt deserves some bonus points for that donut cake. Still, he had one job. . .

Yeah, we're guessing Brandt has lost birthday cake buying privileges in the Snedeker household for now.