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Brandon Marshall might hate the Patriots more than all of us based off this fiery rant

On Wednesday we learned of some new, fascinating, earth-shattering, groundbreaking data revealing that everybody hates the Patriots. Just kidding, we knew that already, but what was particularly surprising about it is just how overwhelming the hatred is leading into this year's Super Bowl, which features the equally-hateable Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite all of the Eagles fanbase's many, well-documented transgressions in their history, the Pats are still the GOAT of not only the NFL but of making everyone's blood boil. This includes former and current NFL players, none more so than New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who unleashed a fiery rant on Showtime's Inside the NFL program that aired this past Tuesday night. While it's clear he hates New England, the majority of his ire was directed at the rest of the league, past and present, for making it so easy on Belichick and Brady.

"The league is not competitive," Marshall emphatically stated, adding, "We all should be ashamed, even you guys that have been covering them on TV should be ashamed, players should be ashamed, coaches should be ashamed, owners should be ashamed! How do we let these guys do this year-in, and year-out?"

Jeez, tell us how you really feel B-Marsh! Check out the full rant:

Aside from the blaming of his TV co-hosts, as well as stating that Ray Lewis and the Ravens should have won five Super Bowls, he does make plenty of good points. Part of the reason the Pats are so hated by fans comes from frustratingly watching other teams completely crumble in crunch time against them every season (except Eli Manning and the Giants). Since 2014 alone fans have witnessed the dumbest play call in Super Bowl history by Pete Carroll, the biggest choke in Super Bowl history by the Falcons, and last Sunday's fold-like-a-cheap-suit fourth quarter performance by the Jacksonville Jaguars, aided by some horrific officiating. It leaves you wondering "how does this ALWAYS happen!?", much like Marshall in this rant.