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Brandel Chamblee says Tiger Woods looks like an "injured, put-back-together, 40-year-old man"

February 25, 2016

On Wednesday, Tiger Woods surprised the golf world by posting a video of him swinging a golf club. On Thursday, Brandel Chamblee didn't surprise anyone by giving a brutally honest reaction to the short clip.

"I can say it looks like an injured, and a put-back-together, 40-year-old man," Chamblee said on Golf Channel. "It's a very short, quick, golf swing. It doesn't look like he's ready for tournament play."

Ouch. Way to temper everyone's excitement, Brandel. . . Here's the full segment, courtesy of Golf Channel:

On a serious note, Chamblee was far from the only person to say Woods' swing looks off. Then again, shouldn't it look off given his long layoff?

"None of us know the extent of his recovery," Chamblee said. "What's going on with him, with as secretive as he has been about so many different parts of his health."

Chamblee went on to say, "He's been down the road of coming back many, many times since 2010. . . . I do believe that we're going to see him, when he does come back, he'll be as prepared as he's ever been post surgery."

Fair enough, Brandel. . .

Chamblee recently got a lot of backlash from Rory McIlroy after questioning if the World No. 2 is spending too much time in the gym. It's good to see him back to taking Tiger to task, though. All almost seems right with the world again.