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Brandel Chamblee gets surprising, emphatic Tiger Woods message with his Starbucks order

September 13, 2018

Brandel Chamblee correctly maintains he's said a lot more positive than negative concerning Tiger Woods during his career as a Golf Channel analyst. But fair or not, he's also aware of the "Tiger hater" label that follows him around. Apparently, even when he goes to Starbucks.

On Thursday, whoever served Chamblee his morning cafe latte (I have no clue if that's what Chamblee drinks, but it was an excuse to watch these Seinfeld clips clearly recognized the TV personality and got clever. Instead of writing misspelling Brandel's name on the cup, he/she wrote a message. "TIGER ALL THE WAY" with an underline for emphasis. Check it out:

Kudos to Chamblee for taking it in stride — and for grinding over stats a week ahead of the Tour Championship. But we're scoring this round for the barista.