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Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee trade bitter barbs over LIV Golf

May 11, 2024

Anthony Kim doesn't have a finish better than 50th in LIV.

Francois Nel

Anthony Kim went 12 years without hitting a professional golf shot in a self-imposed timeout, and his lifestyle and whereabouts were largely unknown to the outside world. His golf game has been mostly quiet in his return on the LIV Golf circuit, but Kim apparently is warming up to the phone or laptop keyboard.

On Friday, Kim posted a venom-fueled diatribe on X about NBC Sports commentator Brandel Chamblee, who has been one of the most outspoken critics about LIV and its financial backers from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. Kim's post probably was in response to Chamblee saying on “Golf Central” on Thursday night that the PGA Tour coming to terms with PIF  “is the better end of the bargain at this point.”

Kim wrote, “Ramble Chamblee ur such a p---y 4 beating on ur chest & basically saying never retreat & hypocritically retreat. It is well known this talentless fool is disliked by most people in the golf world. U still gonna cover golf if @livgolf_league is involved?”

Now, Chamblee is a tough debate foe, given his knowledge and eloquence, so it’s not a surprise that the broadcaster, who was named this week to be in the booth for NBC’s coverage of June’s U.S. Open, would strike back against both Kim’s profanity and assertions.

Chamblee concluded with, “Now why don’t you get back to doing what you formerly did best, which is to wow the world with your talent. I don’t like LIV for a lot of reasons, but I certainly enjoyed your golf and would love to see you playing anything like the semblance of the golfer you used to be.”

Kim, 38, won three times on the PGA Tour before leaving. After he signed with LIV this year as a “wildcard” in the team league, Kim has competed in five tournaments and has not finished better than 50th or recorded an under-par total over 54 holes.