Brad Marchand getting cross-checked from behind is the best video you'll see today

February 17, 2020

To build up a hatred for Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand, all you need is a functioning set of eyes. He is a rat. He is scum. He is, in other words, the perfect Boston athlete. Bruins fans like to play the "if he was on your team, you'd love him card!" but he's one of those guys where that might not actually apply. If he came to your team in a trade or in free agency, you'd probably still hate his guts.

Remember, this is the same guy who likes to punch people in the back of the head while they're down and then run and hide. The same guy who had to be told by the NHL to stop licking his opponents, as if he were an unruly toddler. The same guy who crushed his Stanley Cup parade last year, despite the fact that his team actually lost the Stanley Cup. Whoops!

These transgressions are just the very tip of the Marchand iceberg, and the iceberg is, by some miracle, larger than his nose (there's plenty more scumminess to be found in his "Dirtiest Hits" video on YouTube, a compilation reserved for only the scummiest of scum). That's why I, and any hockey fan outside of Boston, can't help but stand and applaud when the rat gets a tase of his own medicine like he did on Sunday at Madison Sqaure Garden. In the video below, you'll see Marchand go full Marchand, cross-checking New York Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren from behind because Lindgren gave a little love tap to his teammate Patrice Bergeron. Moments later, Marchand gets an even more vicious cross-check from behind from Pavel Buchnevich:

There might not be a more satisfying video for hockey fans to watch this year than this one, over and over and over again. No one has ever deserved to get sent flying face first into the ice more than Marchand, and I feel comfortable saying that because he did not get injured on the play. Just want to make it clear that we are not rooting for injury or condoning any type of hit that would result in a concussion. What we do condone is Brad Marchand getting ragdolled, and we're not alone:

In an era where no one can agree on anything, it's heartwarming to see everyone unite on the topic of Brad Marchand being a trash bag. Brings a tear to my eye ...