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The Boston Bruins are absolutely crushing their Stanley Cup victory party. Wait, what?

Boston sports fans will tell you their teams have won every single championship in all four major sports in each of the last 20 years. They'll tell you if you ain't first, you're last. They'll tell you your team is garbage, you are garbage and anyone not named Tom Brady is garbage. They laugh at other franchises that celebrate the little things, like division titles, conference championships, or playoff series wins, things that not every fanbase gets to see on a regular basis. In Boston, celebrating such trivial things is laughable. In TitleTown, it's championship or bust, and everybody else is a LOOZAH.

So why, on earth, are the Boston Bruins celebrating like they just won the Stanley Cup when they actually ... GASP ... lost it? Can anyone explain this?

What in the? Is that... is that Brad Marchand with goggles on, preparing to be sprayed with champagne as if he won the Stanley Cup, despite the fact he lost it? It can't be:

Oh boy, it is! Wait, is that goalie Tukka Rask addressing the crowd with some sort of speech? Say it ain't so:

I refuse to believe it. There is no way a team from Boston, the city of CHAMPIONS, is throwing some sort of party after losing the championship. Can you imagine the reaction from Bahhhston fans if a team their team beat was partying like it's 1999 after catching the L? What a turn of events, and what a terrible look for such a proud city. As you can see in one of the above tweets, Boston fans are already attempting to play the "life is too short," "let people have fun!" card, which would not fly for any other team but a Boston team. Sad state of affairs for the city, which has now gone almost nine full months without seeing a championship. What's next? Hanging banners for preseason victories? How the mighty have fallen.