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Brad Marchand punches opponent in head, runs and hides, remains the biggest trash bag in all of sports

This time a year ago, Boston Bruins star Brad Marchand fell into quite a slump in his team's second-round playoff series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Boston eventually lost the series 4-1, and Marchand, who scored a whopping total of zero goals in the final four games against the Bolts, had to resort to licking opponents (yes, seriously). Was this odd move out of frustration or because he was a creepy little rat? If you've ever seen a picture of the guy or watched him play, all signs pointed to the latter.

We regret to inform you that the NHL's biggest trash bag is at it again this postseason, but he's graduated from licking people, though that'd be much safer than the stunt he pulled on Tuesday night in Columbus. In Game 3 of Boston's series with the Blue Jackets, the Bruins trailed 2-1 with one minute to go, and they were peppering Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky with shots, but nothing would go. Marchand, who is now pointless in four consecutive playoff games, reached peak frustration at this point, and his rat senses were tingling. Here he is in a scrum in front of the net after a whistle, punching an opponent who was on his knees in the back of the head and then skating away like a coward:

A few more angles:

This is the quintessential Brad Marchand clip folks. I'd attempt to sum it up, by former NHLer Mike Rupp, who was never afraid to mix it up with his fists on the ice, summed it up better than anyone:

Preach. No one has ever skated away and hid faster than Marchand did, but that's not exactly surprising. The guy is a rat for life, and one Bruins fans will defend to the death simply because he wears the black and gold. However, it might be a tough look to defend a guy who PUNCHED SOMEONE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WHO WASN'T LOOKING, but these are Boston fans we are talking about. Anything is possible.