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Boston College to wear 'retro Flutie' jerseys Saturday, so you should bet the house on them

In life, there is no such thing as a guarantee, or so the saying goes. Whoever came up with that didn't factor in that Boston College would one day bring back these absolutely fire 'retro Flutie' throwback jerseys for its homecoming game on October 13, 2018, thus making them a guarantee to dominate the football game:

Did your computer/mobile device just burst into flames? If not, type in your favorite offshore betting site, or, if you're in the great states of New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island or Pennsylvania, legally place a gigantic bet on the Eagles this Saturday against Louisville. BC is a 14-point favorite, which is a hefty number for a team that's lost two of its last three games. But don't worry, they will win this game by at least 70 points. Lock. It. Up.

Penn State v Boston College

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Louisville should consider themselves lucky that BC didn't go with the absolutely insane, how-were-those-a-thing elbow-length sleeves. Seriously, how did anyone throw a football with those damn Sam Bradford sleeves hanging down to their wrists? Makes this play all the more impressive:

Amazing these guys were even able to run with all that cloth holding them back. As much as we'd love to see the Eagles running around in those Saturday, the crazy-tight uniforms college teams roll with now are just a tad more efficient. BC by a million.