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Boost your driving distance with an exercise anybody can do

January 07, 2022
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Mobility workouts and strength training are keys to developing a healthy, consistent golf swing. But if you want to really increase your clubhead speed and gain distance, top trainer Tyler Campbell says to add exercises that build explosiveness into your swing—and his 90-degree broad jump is a great place to start. Campbell, the director of performance at the Golf Performance Center in Ridgefield, Conn., trains elite juniors who aspire to play collegiate and professional golf.

For his demonstration of the 90-degree broad jump, watch the video below. You’ll start firing your hips better and developing more rotational speed through the ball.

Watch the video below:

Get into your golf setup with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Load your weight into your right hip, turning your torso and lower body and getting into a squat position. Push hard off your right foot and jump, firing your hips like you would in your downswing and rotating your body 90 degrees. Try to land softly on the balls of your feet, as this should be an explosive but controlled movement. Then, reset your feet, get into your golf posture again, and jump to the other side. Complete 12 reps in each direction. This move is a great finisher for any golf-fitness routine.

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