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This simple exercise can give you more pop in your swing

A common fault among average golfers is hanging back on the downswing and flipping the club at the ball. It usually results in a loss of power, poor contact and a nasty slice. Try this exercise from top trainer Tyler Campbell to groove a proper weight shift and develop more speed by learning to push harder off the ground.

Campbell, the head trainer at the Golf Performance Center in Ridgefield, Conn., says the single-arm dumbbell press with rotation is great for golfers because it teaches them to leverage off the ground and get to their front side as they rotate—two major keys to hitting powerful golf shots.

Holding a dumbbell in your right hand at shoulder height, set your hips and feet square in front of you. Then, go into a quarter squat and load your weight into your right side. Using the ground, simultaneously press the dumbbell up as you rotate your hips and chest to the left. You should finish on your left foot with your right bicep in line with your head. Once you get used to the move, try to rotate faster and really punch the dumbbell up.

Campbell demonstrates the proper form below:

If you find yourself hanging back, you probably have that same problem in your golf swing. Try taking the dumbbell out of the equation and just concentrate on driving from your right foot to your left foot as you turn through. Your main focus in this exercise should be getting your weight to fully transfer. Think, load and explode.

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