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Bodyslamming your opponent is a fun new way to get ejected from a football game

October 02, 2017

Targeting. Throwing a punch. Two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Being Bill Romanowski. There are a lot of ways to get tossed from a football game, but if you’re gonna walk, you should at least make sure the offending spectacle was worth it for the fans. Just ask Sevier County high school defensive end Jeff Bersch, who, instead of a mere crotch shot or helmet slap, went full Austin 3:16 on an opponent in the middle of the damn ring field on Friday night. OH THE HUMANITY!

For his strength, effort, and creativity, Bersch was promptly (and rightly) ejected, and will now miss Sevier County’s next game, in case you need to reevaluate which defense to stream before your Fantasy Tennessee High School Football line-up locks this week or something. If you’re waiting for a motive to emerge, however, don’t hold your breath.

"Our defensive end lost his composure and slammed a guy into the ground," Sevier County coach Tony Linginfelter said of the incident, which like, yeah, buddy, we can see that. We have Twitter thanks.