Jets forward Blake Wheeler had an incredible quote about taking a puck to the ... you know

While the entire internet was glued to Monday night's Brooks-Bryson saga, the Winnipeg Jets and the Edmonton Oilers were starring in a lengthy drama themselves. The two Canadian teams played deep into the night, three overtimes to be exact, with the welcomed game-winning goal finding the back of the net around 2 a.m. ET.

None of us could possibly imagine what playing in a three-overtime NHL playoff game is like, but we'd assume it's a similar feeling to running a marathon, a marathon where you were allowed to physcially punish your running opponents throughout the race. These guys must be seriously sore on this Tuesday morning, like can-get-out-of-bed-without-help sore. Nobody is feeling worse than Jets forward Blake Wheeler, though, and this clip is the only explanation you need:

Whoever this commentator is, he deserves a raise immediately. The only, and I mean ONLY word applicable here is "YOWZA!" Tip of the cap, good sir. 

Wheeler, who had two assists on the night, left the game after this hit in the you-know-whats, and in typical hockey fashion returned for the overtime periods. The Jets went on to win and sweep the series, and Wheeler went on to deliver one of the great quotes you'll ever hear from a guy who got blasted below the belt. Wait for it ...:

Legendary #perspective.