Silence is Golden

Trae Young shouting “IT’S QUIET AS **** IN HERE” is the greatest MSG dagger since Reggie Miller’s choke gesture

On Sunday evening, for the first in eight years, pandemic or otherwise, the New York Knicks hosted a playoff game at Madison Square Garden. As you can probably guess, despite the capacity cap and masks, the Garden was rocking come game time, with fans, led by the immortal Spike Lee, firing up the “F—K TRAE YOUNG” chants pretty much from the opening whistle.

Like all good things in Knicks-dom, however, not only did it not last, but it came back to bite the MSG faithful in the ass when Trae Young hit this ridiculous floater as time all but expired to muzzle the Garden. Check it out.

The shot is, of course, absurd, but the real highlight is Young strutting down the court, finger to his lips shouting, well, we’ll Shea Serrano translate. We’re not allowed to say such naughty words.

Indeed it was, Trae. Indeed it was. The insult to injury wasn’t done there, however, with Shaq asking Young about his instant classic shush after the game. “Good question, Shaq” he said. “It got real quiet at the end, and for me I wanted to hear those ‘f-you’ chants again.” Sure, uh huh, whatever you say, kid.

There’s a lot of series left. Anything could happen. But on Monday morning, with the wound still fresh, we’re guessing Young’s shush is right up there with Reggie Miller’s choke in the pantheon of gestures Knicks fans never, ever want to see again. Speaking of which, now might be the time to look away . . .