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Big Papi spiking Frank Thomas' water bottle was the only good thing to come out of Game 5 of Astros-Rays

We're not breaking any news in saying that the NBA on TNT crew is the best when it comes to pre- and post-game coverage. And it's not even because of their coverage of the game, it's more them just having fun and making people laugh, including themselves. Up until the MLB Playoffs a few years ago, when FOX teamed up Kevin Burkhardt, Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose and Frank Thomas, no other sport had anything like it. Then Rose got into a little trouble, as he often does, thus breaking up what was a good thing.

But FOX did find a good replacement in David Ortiz, who looks remarkably good on set this postseason despite being shot this past June in one of the more mysterious stories of the year in sports. On Thursday night, prior to Game 5 of the ALDS between the Houston Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays, the FOX crew had their NBA on TNT-type viral moment, when Big Papi could be seen spiking the Big Hurt's water bottle before the pre-game show:

So much to unpack here. For starters, look at the time when this shot is being poured. It's 5:32 p.m.! I'm all for happy hour, but I would not want to be taking a sip of Tito's before I had to talk on camera for the next few hours.

Second, Big Papi just carries around a handle of Tito's with him? What an animal. I'm guessing the second the show ends he's pulling that thing out and going to WORK on it. Speaking of, how about Thomas not even noticing the taste for a solid five seconds after? That's a man who has had a few sips of liquor in his life.

Good stuff from these guys to drum up a little social media buzz, and, much like the NBA on TNT guys, their actual analysis is quite strong too. If you can watch any of the pre or post shows, I highly recommend them. Just don't be surprised if A-Rod is slurring his words one of these nights after Papi gets a hold of his water bottle.