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Best weekend ever in college golf

April 20, 2008

I hate it when my colleagues in the media make bombastic statements along the lines of "such and such was the greatest game ever played" or "University of X is the best squad every assembled." The problem with such hyperbole is too little perspective and too much self-awareness usually being applied.

With that, however, I'm going to talk out of the other side of my iBook G4 and say I think the last few days have been the most exciting weekend of college golf ... ever. (OK, at least since I started covering the beat in the late 1990s.)

Most impressive for the Crimson Tide was the eight under they shot the final day on the final four holes, a contrast to a year ago when that same stretch cost the team a potential title. "It feels fantastic," said Alabama coach Jay Seawell shortly after the win. "It feels just like I thought it would. Unbelievable. I'm really proud of the guys. It was a tight day. The last four holes—we've talked about it—last year our last four holes were kind of our demise here. And this year the four holes were the difference. I am proud of them for how they played. Nobody hands you an SEC Championship. You've got to win it and the guys won it today. I'm really proud of them."

As I was saying, a pretty impressive three days of golf, don't you think!

OK, updated conference championship summary below.