Best Recovery Sleepwear For Golfers

Under Armour has continued to expand the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear line beyond the bedroom. In addition to pajamas, the collection now includes apparel for everyday wear including tees, jackets, sweats and compression items. Each piece has a special pattern on the inside that converts your natural body heat to infrared energy. You won’t feel the heat, but the no-wedgie technology boosts blood flow and helps oxygen reach muscles. The Celliant technology has been FDA-approved for this ability to increase localized circulation, which leads to a faster recovery. Out of the new non-sleep collection, the Athlete Recovery Track Suit is sweat-wicking and ultra lightweight. The stylish design will ensure you look great, even after the toughest workouts. Like a majority of pieces in the collection, these come at a premium price point, but the combination of quality materials, stylish design and enhanced recovery make it worth a splurge. For those sleepwear loyalists, UA added an Ultra Comfort collection made with a softer modal fabric with a barely-there feel. Each piece has the same infrared technology pattern, but now you have more options on how and when to “wear” your recovery.

Under Armour Athlete Recovery line, $40-$200
Available at underarmour.com