Editors' Choice: Fitness & HealthApril 10, 2019

Best Meat Jerky

When we get hungry during a round of golf, we’re pretty particular with our selections. The food has to be nutritional and wieldy and not spoil quickly. Of course, taste matters, too. And it should provide sustainable energy throughout the round. Using those parameters, meat jerky is a smart choice for an on-course snack. And to be clear, we’re not talking about the type of jerky sitting in a jar on a convenience-store counter. The type to choose should not include significant additives and preservatives or come from animals that were grain-fed. Grass-fed meat is what you want. And if the jerky was subject to mass-production techniques—including being sourced from meat that came from an animal injected with hormones and antibiotics, you’re better off with a bag of almonds or a banana. (Just don’t wait too long to eat them.) Unlike whole foods, healthy meat jerky is a practical source of protein that can be easily stored in a golf bag for a long time without spoiling. That’s one of the things we like best about it. You can eat it when it’s convenient, so you don’t hold up the group behind you.

Beef: Kingmade Classic Recipe, $50 for six packages
Available at kingmadejerky.com

Bison: Country Archer Cayenne Beef Bar with Uncured Bacon, $30 for 12 bars
Available at countryarcher.com

Chicken: Chef's Cut Real Jerky Buffalo Style, $26 for four packages
Available at chefscutrealjerky.com

Pork: The New Primal Barbecue Sticks, $40 for 20 sticks
Available at thenewprimal.com

Turkey: Perky Jerky More than Just Original Turkey, $15 for 14 ounces
Available at perkyjerky.com


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