Editors' ChoiceApril 3, 2018

Best Meal-Replacement Bars For Golfers

When it comes to food that is portable, storable, easy to digest and somewhat satiating, it's tough to match the ability of a meal-replacement bar to answer the needs of a hungry golfer. Sure, whole foods are always better in terms of nutrition. And things such as nuts and fruit are never bad options when playing. But we know golfers tend to go for convenience and taste when they get hungry during a round, and if they're going to opt for a food bar, we want to offer some guidance on which ones are the best for golf performance.

As you might suspect, some of these bars are healthier than others. We like ones that offer a good blend of carbohydrates, fiber and protein without including a ton of sugar or sugar substitutes. The bars we chose include whole-food ingredients and taste pretty darn good, too.

A good rule when choosing a bar: The less ingredients it contains, the healthier it is. That being said, don't skimp on calories. Depending on your weight and the amount you walk, you can burn anywhere from 800 to 1,600 calories during a round. Without refueling on the course, you could be zapped of energy when you need it most.

Quest Hero Protein Bar Chocolate Carmel Pecan, $21 for 10 bars

GoMacro Protein Pleasure, $35 for 12 bars

No Cow Chunky Peanut Butter, $30 for 12 bars

Par Bar Nut-free Raspberry Chocolate, $36 for 12 bars


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