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Best Meal-Replacement Bars For Golfers

April 10, 2019

There’s a fine line between candy bars and some so-called “nutrition bars.” If you don’t believe us, check the ingredients. Sugar, soy, canola or palm oil, preservatives, artificial flavoring—many of the bad things that are found in candy bars also can be found in bars touted as a healthy choice. For an on-course snack, the real healthy choice is some kind of whole food such as nuts, fruit or lean protein. But there are some meal-replacement bars on the market that are decent substitutes when options are limited or convenience is preferred. We have to admit that the ability to throw a couple of bars into a golf bag that can be eaten at any time is appealing. So what should you look for? The best have a good blend of fiber, protein and carbohydrates. The number of ingredients also is important (less is more). We’ll concede that taste matters, so the inclusion of sugar or chocolate isn’t a deal-breaker. Just try to go with low-sugar options and bars predominantly made with fruits and nuts when possible. These are the ones we like best.


GoMacro Protein Pleasure, $33 for 12 bars
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Larabar Cashew Cookie, 5 for $5.29
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Par Bar College Formula, $110 for 50 bars
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