124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Best Cleats

April 03, 2018

Face it: Either you've never changed the cleats on the bottom of your golf shoes, or you didn't even know they could be replaced. Here's a tip: If it has been a year, change them. And when you do, change them to the Zarma Tour. It does exactly what you want the bottom of your shoes to do: grab the ground when you're making a full swing, caress the putting surface when you crouch to line up a putt, and not clog with mud and debris on those less-than-dry days.

The Zarma Tour's re-engineered softer arms bring all the support our most violent swings need while taking us back to the kinder, gentler, original days of Softspikes, circa 1992. Back then, nonmetal spikes were all about keeping the greens better while perhaps compromising a little on the traction side. Newer iterations over the past quarter-century trended toward too-aggressive formulations, but the Zarma Tour's refined arms give you the best of both worlds.

Even better, we like the Zarma Tour's extra-durable spike-wrench holes to make replacing them easier. Making it easier still, the cleats feature a wear gauge right on the cleat. When the "C" starts to fade, it's time for you to switch them out. Which would be right about now.


Champ Zarma Tour, $16