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Editors' Choice

Best Divot-Repair Tool

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March 29, 2021

The Pitchfix Tour Edition 2.5 is a complete cure for a problem that if left unchecked is a kind of golf plague. Not only do golfers not fix ballmarks, when they do, they fix them poorly or incorrectly. This sturdy three-pronged tool makes quick work of that mark of distinction left on the green by your well-struck approach. Its ergonomic leverage allows a naturally restorative vertical motion to divot repair, no root tearing or other heavy-handed turf-threshing required. The magnetic ballmark makes not only for ease of use on the greens but negates the gauche fumbling for change as you approach your ball. That gentle curved sanction at the top provides a comfortable ridge for your wedge to rest upon as it watches you neatly complete the up-and-down for the match-clinching par on the 18th hole.