Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 10, 2019

Best Divot-Repair Tool

Sometimes simple is just better. But not too simple. The right kind of simplicity is laced with a genius’ touch of complexity, unseen at first but instantly understood. We could be talking about Bizet’s Symphony in C, of course. Or perhaps the iPad. Maybe even the driverless car. But though admirable, these are hardly at the level of the life-altering simplicity of the Pitchfix Tour Edition 2.5, our 2019 Editors’ Choice in divot-repair tools.

You’ll remember that the folks at Pitchfix have owned the spot in our annual Editors’ Choice with their three-pronged solutions to ballmark repair, including most recently the Fusion 2.5 Pin with its retractable switchblade feature. Beautiful, but now we realize that its efficiency can be made more effective without the Inspector Gadget approach. The Tour Edition 2.5 makes fixing those blemishes on the green ergonomically and agronomically efficient with Pitchfix’s patented three-pronged business end. Green gouges disappear with a simple up-and-down method that need not require twisting and lifting like you’re eradicating some rampaging jimsonweed around the begonias at the Rotary Club’s town-hall flower garden. Its sturdy construction (treated steel) is about as thick as a standard car key yet dang near as strong as a fireman’s pike. Though that would be enough for the job, the Tour Edition 2.5 takes us three steps further. An ABS rubber pad positioned right where your thumb takes its purchase makes the tool feel like a natural extension of your hand. And, yes, of course, integrated into the base is a magnetized ball marker that seemingly levitates its way from tool to hand to green. Then, like Bizet’s allegro vivace finale, Pitchfix adds a nifty, gently curved notch at the top of the tool as its final flourish. Why? Well, because you need something your clubs can rest on so your grips don’t get wet. Simply obvious.

Pitchfix Tour Edition 2.5, $12 Available at pitchfix.com



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