Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 12, 2017

Best Divot-Repair Tool

Pitchfix, the ball-mark whisperer that last year brought you the Twister, a three-pronged, idiot-proof tool that fixes ball marks with a simple up-and-down motion, now has a switchblade-style version. The Fusion 2.5 Pin lets you instantly flick open the prongs to do their work, then just as easily retract the pins so the whole unit can rest in your pocket, leaving fingers and nails as unharmed as the green you're leaving behind.

Here's the thing with ball marks: Nobody fixes them, and the rest of you don't do it right. Now why does this matter? Because studies show that a ball mark properly repaired minutes after it has been made will leave the green as if it never happened a day or so later. An unrepaired or improperly repaired mark might take weeks to heal (and make your superintendent sad or cranky). Neither of those are good things for a guy with easy access to power tools and a triplex mower.

But with Pitchfix's Fusion 2.5 Pin you'll not only enjoy the simple capacity to repair a ball mark, you'll do it right because it's simpler than any other divot tool. And it makes you feel like you're on the attack like a polo-wearing superhero intent on eradicating pockmarked greens. More important, the Fusion 2.5 Pin works without the prone-to-mistake angling, digging and gouging of most traditional divot tools. It's more a direct jab deep into the turf, lift straight up, and go. So it's not only easier, it's faster. A divot tool that literally improves the golf course and speeds up play.

The Fusion 2.5 Pin includes a magnetized ball marker and a pencil sharpener, too. For most of us, that makes it the most useful tool in the bag.

PitchFix Twister 2.5 Pin, $16.50
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