Editors' ChoiceApril 3, 2018

Best Cooler For Golfers

A cooler is a cooler, right? Wrong. Yeti boasts that the locks for its sturdy hard-sided coolers are "grizzly-proof," and that's no joke.

Manufactured with rotomolded polyethylene (the same material used to make ocean kayaks) and military-grade rope handles, these might be the only coolers that can keep your beer cold for days and hold up the front end of your truck if somebody needs to borrow your jack.

You can get traditional hard-sided rectangular coolers and backpack-style soft versions that vary in capacity from eight cans—like the Hopper shoulder pack—to the Tundra 350, which can hold enough beer to service a Kid Rock tailgate party within its two-inch-thick insulated walls.

You'll definitely pay more for a Yeti than for its competitors, but each cooler comes with a guarantee of three to five years, depending on the model. The $199 Roadie is the Swiss Army knife of the lineup. The compact design is easy to lug around with the attached handle, but it still carries 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice. If you're bringing your drinks for that 36-hole day, it's more valuable than a bottle of Advil.

Yeti, $200-$1,300


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