Best Cooler For Golfers

April 10, 2019

It’s sometimes hard to resist a “bargain,” even if the thing you’re buying is pretty much disposable because of the (low) quality. Yeti coolers are far from cheap, and they’re the opposite of disposable. Cost of entry is steep, but pay it and you’ll have a cooler that lasts longer than your mortgage. Made from tough, seamless rotomolded polyethelyne, industrial-quality fittings and rubber gaskets you’d find in restaurant freezers, Yeti coolers keep the cold in and everything short of a bullet out. The smallest coolers are good for 16 cans, and the largest chest can carry 300 pounds of ice for your week at the cabin—all seven days of it. Once you’ve bought your third disposable cooler (and lose another few rounds of cold drinks) after the hinges burst or the lid cracks, $300 for a cooler seems like a bargain after all.


Soft coolers: Yeti, $199-$299

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Hard coolers: Yeti, $199-$1,299

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