Editors' ChoiceApril 12, 2017

Best Cooler For Golfers

If you don't spend much time outside, you probably have a cooler game that screams "amateur." If you rely on one of those $5 Styrofoam jobs from the liquor store, you deserve all the lukewarm beer you get. Yeti's super-premium coolers are the Rolex of the ice-chest world. They look and perform exactly like you'd expect from something professional-grade. And they're way more likely to go home with Paulina Gretzky.

If you can think of an activity that would be improved by access to ice, Yeti makes a cooler to suit the job. They range from soft-sided portables ($199) and hard-sided tailgaters ($299) to the giant Tundra 350, which is essentially a portable refrigerator that can carry more than 80 gallons of ice and has enough space for the meat from three elk. Yetis are the top of the cooler market: premium, expensive, desirable and proven by performance. Yeti chests are made from a stout thermoplastic exoskeleton pressure-injected with polyurethane foam and held together with armored hinges and military-grade latches. Fill the chest up with high-quality ice and it can keep things cold for days—sort of like Pebble Beach in the summertime. All of that technology and attention to detail (and brand cache) comes at a price. Yetis are often more than twice as expensive as competitive models in the same size. But you won't be thinking about the extra scratch if you're pulling beer out of a puddle of bathwater and your bratwursts are going bad by the second day of your trip.

Yeti, $199-$1,299
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