Editors' Choice: ApparelApril 3, 2018

Best Belts For Golfers

A belt has an important pragmatic job, of course, but as a visible part of an outfit it needs to look good while carrying out that duty. You can instantly elevate your entire look by placing a little thought into what kind of belt might offer the best finishing touch to your outfit. To pick the perfect one, it's best to match your belt to your polo, shorts or trousers, or to use it to add a pop of energy to an otherwise bland ensemble. But if you've been frustrated by trying to find the perfect belt that's comfortable and stylish, look no further than those offered by Beltology.

Beltology belts are made with webbed designs and woven stretch fabrics that eliminate the need for holes, which maximizes all-day comfort. They're available in a wide array of options, from single-color leather styles to patterned woven options. Every model offers a refreshing, necessary twist on an age-old accessory. The company, which is online only, has a clear mission to design belts that are made to move and look good while doing so. The one thing you won't find at Beltology is a generic leather belt that adds nothing to an outfit, and thank goodness for that.

Beltology, $65-$95

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