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Ben Hogan Golf to offer forged, milled putters at direct-to-consumer prices

March 18, 2019

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company now adds a line of milled forged putters to its direct-to-consumer business model, and again one of the selling points will be price.

The Ben Hogan Precision Milled putter lineup features four classic putter designs, all manufactured with labor-intensive forging and milling techniques and each being sold for what company CEO Scott White called “unheard of” prices.

The four putters in the line are forged from 1020 carbon steel in a multi-step process. The heads are then CNC milled and then a durable Diamond Black Metal finish is added to each head.

“A 100-percent forged, CNC precision milled putter is not the least expensive nor the easiest way to make a putter by any means, but we believe it is the best way,” White said. “Our factory-direct business model provides golfers with an ultra-premium forged milled putter at a price far less than many mass-market investment cast putters. This is unheard of given the feel, consistency and pure performance attributes of our forged putters.”

The four models include a plumber’s neck blade with one shaft offset and a 43-degree toe hang; a face-balanced blade with a double bend shaft; a flow-neck blade with a 55-degree toe hang; and a face-balanced, traditional sized mallet. All four putters are built with two degrees of loft.

All of the new Ben Hogan putters can be customized for loft, length, lie angle, as well as grip. All spec information is supplied by the customer.

The Ben Hogan Precision Milled putters are available at for $250.