Of all the terrible, no good, very bad Baltimore Orioles stats, this has to be the worst

August 23, 2021

The Baltimore Orioles are so bad they’re winless in their last 18 games, the sixth longest MLB losing streak of all-time and the longest since 2005. The Baltimore Orioles are so bad that they’re the only remaining team in the majors with less than 40 wins. They’re so bad that they’re reigniting tanking talks in the MLB, a league basically predicated on competitive imbalance. But nothing proves how bad the Baltimore Orioles have been like this incredible bit of perspective:


Yeeouch. If you find yourself doubting what a random redditor said on the internet (probably a wise move), allow us to crunch the numbers for you. At the close of play on Sunday, this is what the AL East standings looked like:


Baltimore is 38 games back in the division and a mind-blowing 26.5 games back of the NEXT CLOSEST TEAM in the Toronto Blue Jays. We know the Os are 0-18 in their last 18. Assuming the Blue Jays, who are 9-9 in their last 18, remain at .500 for this hypothetical, that leaves us with the following arithmetic: 26.5 games back - 18 losses = 8.5 games back.

As you can see, this poster actually undersold how bad the Orioles have been over the course of the entire 2021 season. Beyond brutal stuff.

But hey look on the brightside, Orioles fans. The MLB just announced Sox-Os for next year’s Little League Classic. You'll definitely have won one by then … we think.