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Baker Mayfield staring down Hue Jackson for 30 seconds might be the best moment of the NFL season

December 23, 2018

The first time the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals met in November, Baker Mayfield grabbed all the Monday headlines for his postgame encounter with former head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson, who joined the Bengals staff right after he was fired by the Browns, attempted to go in for the hug with Mayfield and was denied. Here's the clip in all its cringeworthy glory:

The exchange was a hot topic after the game, and reporters made sure to ask Mayfield about it, and he didn't hold back, saying that he "Didn’t feel like talking to him,” and, “He was here trying to tell us to play for him. Then he goes to a team we play twice a year. That’s how I feel. We have people we believe in calling the plays now.”

This kicked the hot take machine into full gear, providing a week's worth of content for sports radio hosts everywhere. Looking back, that could pale in comparison to the debating that comes this week. Why? Here's Mayfield on Sunday staring daggers through Jackson's soul after picking up a game-clinching first down late in the fourth quarter of the Browns 26-18 victory:

My goodness, Hue Jackson might have to just retire after that. The quarterback he started Tyrod Taylor over has now pummeled the Bengals twice and made a point to embarrass him on both occasions. Colin Cowherd has to be seething watching that right now. Cannot wait to see how he and the other half-witted talking heads spin this epic stare-down into being a bad thing.