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Baddeley Tries for Another "S & T" Win

December 11, 2007

While Aaron Baddeley seeks his third Australian Open and his second consecutive win--he took the Australian Masters three weeks ago and says he'd like to break Gary Player's seven Opens record--other, less famous Stack and Tilt devotees continue to write. Wes Rodgers of Cleveland, TN, liked Golf World's inclusion of Stack & Tilt in its Newsmakers issue:

...I think the "Stack and Tilt" swing is very interesting. I have been trying to implement it on my driving range to marked results, from what little I know of it. Is there any way an average golfer such as myself can take a lesson from these guys??

Ed Fink is just catching up with the new method in his stack of Golf Digest's.

This e-mail may be late but I just got caught up on several past issues of Golf Digest. For years I have had a problem with swaying and several years ago I began to address the ball with more weight on my left foot. This I now know is part of the Stack and Tilt system. It works and has stopped me from swaying.

I think you'll see more and more Stack & Tilters on tour next year. The Plummer/Bennett phones are ringing from both regular and Champions tours.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J.D. Cuban)