Editors' BlogDecember 11, 2007

Baddeley Tries for Another "S & T" Win


While Aaron Baddeley seeks his third Australian Open and his second consecutive win--he took the Australian Masters three weeks ago and says he'd like to break Gary Player's seven Opens record--other, less famous Stack and Tilt devotees continue to write. Wes Rodgers of Cleveland, TN, liked Golf World's inclusion of Stack & Tilt in its Newsmakers issue:

...I think the "Stack and Tilt" swing is very interesting. I have been trying to implement it on my driving range to marked results, from what little I know of it. Is there any way an average golfer such as myself can take a lesson from these guys??

Wes, click here for the Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett website.

Ed Fink is just catching up with the new method in his stack of Golf Digest's.

This e-mail may be late but I just got caught up on several past issues of Golf Digest. For years I have had a problem with swaying and several years ago I began to address the ball with more weight on my left foot. This I now know is part of the Stack and Tilt system. It works and has stopped me from swaying.

I think you'll see more and more Stack & Tilters on tour next year. The Plummer/Bennett phones are ringing from both regular and Champions tours.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: J.D. Cuban)

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