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Austin Ekeler does one-handed pullups while he reads, might be the best multi-tasker ever

October 30, 2019

It's not as if we needed any more reminders that NFL players are physical freaks, but, well, here are a couple more reminders that they are just that. On Tuesday, I met former New York Giants tight end Howard Cross at Winged Foot (NBD) and it felt like I was shaking hands with an old catcher's mitt. And later that day, current player Austin Ekeler provided another example of this with a video of him doing one-handed pullups. While reading a book.

When you watch the following video, keep in mind that Ekeler is one of the smallest guys on the field. He's often referred to as a third-down or "scat" back, AKA the guy who steals touchdowns from Melvin Gordon and my fantasy team like he did during the Los Angeles Chargers' win against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. And yet he does stuff like this!

Ridiculous. Just exercising the crap out of his body and mind at the same time. He's probably reading something deep, too. Like Henry David Thoreau. What a savage. I just wish he'd stop taking touchdowns away from Melvin.