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This Aussie rugby kid is a merciless one-man wrecking ball

July 11, 2022

If you ever played Pop Warner football and had to face a kid on the other team who was already shaving, or stood in the batter's box as a 10-year-old against a pitcher who was somehow already six feet tall, you can probably draw on the ole memory banks and remember the pure fear that came with having to face these child juggernauts. And if you can tap into that primal terror, you'll know what it must have felt like when a bunch of Australian rugby kids faced down this force of nature (warning: some mild language in the video):

This is some Christian-Okoye-in-Tecmo-Bowl level of smash-mouth, bulldozer greatness, right down to the final moment, when he purposefully stopped his run to stiff-arm one last potential tackler on his way to...uh...whatever the end zone is called in rugby.

(Note: Googled it, it's called the "try zone.")

We don't know much about this kid, including his name, and we like it that way: He's a man of myth, a legendary figure, and shouldn't be tethered to our reality by things like name or location or age. Without that information, we can just enjoy this on a purely visceral level, because it's fun to watch an old-fashioned stomping.

Also, his anonymity will protect him from the worst possible fate, which would be all too likely if his name leaked: being drafted by the New York Jets.