Loose Lips Sink Ships

Man who claimed to be an Augusta National caddie posts Reddit 'AMA,' promptly deletes

What happens at Augusta National, stays at Augusta National. Or at least it's supposed to.

One man who claimed to be a caddie for a decade at the most famous club in the world disagreed, taking to Reddit over the holiday weekend with an "AMA," also known as an ask me anything. Perhaps he thought he'd catch Fred Ridley and co. sleeping on the Fourth of July.

He was wrong.

In the original post, which was posted to the r/golf community, a user by the name of lordscott10 posted the AMA with his picture in his profile. Both his picture, and the original post, are now gone just two days later: 


Yup, he gone. 

We kid, we kid. Hopefully, though, lordscott10 is headed for the border. He needs to disappear ASAP, mainly because some of his stories posted to the thread can still be found if you get a little creative. In one such tale, the former caddie says he saw Patrick Cantlay dust Phil Mickelson in a money match after being asked what the best shot he ever saw while looping on the hallowed grounds was:

"Any hole in one is a good time for the group. Other than that I’d say watching Angel Cabrera call a shot he was going to hit through the trees on the left of 14, '7 iron amigo, little gap up there watch this' Boom 1 foot away from the hole from 190. Pretty cool. Once in a while you’d see a huge cross country eagle putt go in. But Patrick Cantlay shot the nastiest 8 under I’ve ever seen against Phil for who knows how much money that day."

He was also asked if caddies get to ever play the course. You'd expect the answer to be a resounding no, but according to him, the club does throw them a nice bone just before they close up shop for the summer:

"We get to play one day a year at the end of May, sun up to sun down. Golf carts allowed that day, can squeeze in 54 if you do it right."

Not a bad little deal. OK, we're not going to post anymore out of fear for our own safety, but, again, you can go look for yourself. The stories are all still here... for now.