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Atlanta Hawks chucker drains ugliest $10,000 shot of all time

December 15, 2017

Meet Norman. Norman is just like you and me because Norman is terrible at basketball. Last night, however, Norman got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at halftime of the Atlanta Hawks game. One shot, $10,000, and there was no way Norm (can we call you, Norm?) was going to let a little thing like "zero game" stop him from fulfilling his giant-check destiny. So up he stepped, and with Pat Benatar blasting in the background, put up one of the most hideous hucks in hardcourt history, nearly ending up on his chin in the process. But then something crazy happened: It went in.

The arena predictably exploded with a mixture of joy and sheer, unrepentant shock, but Norman, to his credit, just smiled and slowly raised his arms in celebration as if this was the outcome he expected all along. So what's Norman planning to do with that 10Gs (besides jumpshot lessons, of course)? "Enjoy Christmas," he says. Cheers to that, Norman, American hero, terrible basketball player.