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If Tiger Woods' backyard practice area didn't make you jealous, his indoor putting simulator will

July 21, 2020

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods has a rather impressive golf setup in his backyard. As highlighted in a previous "At Home" episode, Woods has a number of greens cut to tournament-like conditions, allowing him to practice his putting, short game and wedges in the comfort of his back yard.

But here’s the thing about South Florida: sometimes the weather stinks. And sometimes when the weather stinks, Woods still wants to work on his game. Or maybe it’s late at night, and he decides he wants to try something a little different, but it’s too dark to head outside. When you’re the best player of your generation, Mother Nature shall not be a hindrance to your practice. That’s why Woods had a high-tech putting green installed in his club workshop.

The green is adjustable, allowing the user to change the breaks via a touch-screen computer. What’s more, the green also can trace the perfect line for any of the putts it creates, telling the user exactly where to start the putt and creating an environment to work on technique, setup and the stroke.

It’s the stuff of golf-nerd dreams. For a full-look at the indoor green, which was installed just days before filming, check out this video.