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Famed artist paints giant mural of Tiger Woods' mugshot

June 23, 2017

Sadly, one of Tiger Woods' lasting images has become that ubiquitous mugshot following his Memorial Day DUI arrest. But in Australia, the unfortunate portrait is really on full display.

Melbourne-based artist Lush has created a mural of the moment. Yes, a mural. A big mural.

Woods isn't the only celebrity who has gotten the mural treatment from Lush. Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West are among Lush's other works, and even more recently than the Woods work of art, Lush recreated the viral video of Jerry Seinfeld turning down Kesha when she asked for a hug. Yeah, this dude works fast.

On the bright side, as promised in his caption, Lush hasn't given Woods "the Kathy Griffin hairdo." At least, not yet.