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The extremely bad Diamondbacks can't even throw out a limping runner, drive their own announcer to insanity

June 24, 2021

We could argue for days about the most shameful part of the clip to follow. Is it, as the post title indicates, the fact that when faced with a gimpy runner Daniel Vogelbach practically crawling home, and the ball already in the infield, the Diamondbacks still couldn't execute a basic throw to get him out? Is it that all of this happens in conjunction with the longest road losing streak in baseball history? Or is it the despair of announcer Steve Berthiaume, who has clearly gone insane from having to cover this team, and who begins screaming at them, on the very edge of a full mental breakdown, to "GET IT IN...GET IT IN!!!"?

Judge for yourself:

Personally, I don't think you can separate any of these elements from the other. They are all, taken together, pure *chef's kiss* essence du D-Back. That said, none of it would be half as hilarious without Berthiaume's call, and I do wonder if he's by himself in some hotel room today, muttering incoherently as he paces back and forth, trying to come to terms with what he saw and find a way forward.

The D-Backs lost, of course. Vogelbach is unfortunately on the DL with a hamstring injury, and starting tomorrow, Arizona returns to the road in a heroic attempt to prolong their historic losing streak. Personally, as someone who has been newly named as Golf Digest's first Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer, I couldn't be more excited. Somehow, some way, this entire saga just keeps getting funnier.