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'Are We A County Of Laws?'

April 29, 2009

The Calavaras (Calif.) County Supervisors yesterday voted against allowing developers to go ahead with luxury homes and a golf resort at the Trinitas golf course. This is the strange story I wrote about a few days ago, where a couple built an 18-hole golf course in 2001 without permits.

In addition to turning down their proposal for a resort and luxury home development on the site, the county supervisors rejected Mike and Michelle Nemee's bid for a conditional use permit on the course. As the Stockton Record notes, this calls into question whether the Nemees will try to maintain the course for private use.

The paper quotes Supervisor Steve Wilensky as asking, "Are we a county of laws? Do we apply them equally to all? Do we have a General Plan and zoning code that we adhere to?" Wilensky was one of three supervisors voting to block the project. Two others voted in favor of it.

-- P.F.