Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches

PGA National (Champion Course)

The Loop

Are the woods off-limits too?

Some courses bury their local rules in the fine print on the scorecard, but others -- like Tennessee Centennial GC in Oak Ridge, Tenn. -- come right out and say what they're thinking. I like that.


I played this course a couple of days ago and was amused by this sign. There was another one on the 10th tee, just in case you didn't get the message on the first hole.

Turns out a local property owner has seen a lot of gee-whiz visuals outside her home on the 18th hole, and by that I don't mean good golf shots. Here's a link to a local news report, if for some reason you crave more details:

The sign inspired me to start a collection of great golf course signs and postings. Got a favorite? Submit your photo and info here.

-- Peter Finch