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Nothing is darker than this clip of Anthony Davis shooting Steph Curry in GTA execution-style

It’s been a rough year for Anthony Davis. Between his calf strain and Achilles tendinosis injuries, the Lakers superstar has played only 30 games this season. Just the other day, he was part of a disastrous Reddit AMA in which he got routinely trolled and ridiculed until he eventually had enough and left the Q&A.

But, umm, this is not a good look. We’re not really sure how to lead into this clip other than saying ... here’s the clip.

That is dark.

While live-streaming GTA, someone asked AD if he wanted to shoot a character in a Steph Curry jersey and he immediately responded with a cold-blooded “yup.” From a point-blank distance with the simulated Curry's back to his character, the big man took him out without a moment's hesitation. As the body falls off a cliff, the squad is already on the move. No “just playing” or remark to lighten the tension. All we get is "we out."

It happened and we’re all feeling a bit squeamish now.

After reports last month that Los Angeles would be trying to recruit Steph Curry, we can definitively say that this—an execution-style gun down—is not the best way to get a fellow NBA player to join your team willingly.