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Anonymous NFL scout very concerned that top OL prospect likes to ... cook food?

In just about any NFL Mock Draft you look at, Louisville offensive tackle Mekhi Becton is off the board within the top 15 picks, with many experts expecting the New York Jets to select him with the 11th pick. Becton is 6-foot-7 and 365 pounds, and he opens up holes the size of Walmarts. Unless his game tape is lying, he'll likely be starting Week 1, protecting the blind side of whichever QB is lucky enough to have him:

Look up "getting ragdolled" in your football dictionary and a picture of Becton will be there. He's flicking those guys around like gnats. Of course, the guys he faced in the ACC are nothing like the guys he'll be facing on Sundays, but being that he's the size of a refrigerator he should be able to handle himself.

Still, there's always legitimate concerns from NFL scouts, and some of the best and worst of these so-called concerns take center stage as the Draft approaches. None are as bad as this one from one anonymous scout, who seems worried that Becton likes to ... cook food? Yep, not kidding:

Of all the absurd, old-man takes that come out of Draft SZN, being afraid of a 365-pound offensive lineman's love of cooking and eating the food he cooks has to be among the worst. The most ironic part is that a few years ago, one scout was concerned with former Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple's inability to cook, as NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo reminded us on Thursday:

Yep, that was a thing that happened. It's almost impossible, but could you imagine if this was the same anonymous scout? I'd believe it.

Becton already offered up the perfect response on Twitter:

Imagine this dude goes on to be a Hall of Famer and you passed on him because you were afraid he likes to get his Gordon Ramsay on every now and then? Yikes, that'd be a tough pancake to swallow (please don't be the Giants please don't be the Giants please don't be the Giants).