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Angry Golfer: Can I Get Another Rain Delay?

August 09, 2008

That was awfully clever of CBS to schedule a washout of Saturday's third round from Oakland Hills, then use the rain delay to show a replay of the 2000 PGA Championship. Tiger Woods vs. Bob May, one of the great dramas of the modern era, instead of watching Sergio miss three-footers? Thank goodness for August thunderstorms.

Not that the fellas at the network were crying, either. Pro golf's TV ratings have been lower than my college grade-point average -- last week's World Golf Championship barely made it to 2.0 on Sunday -- which is, of course, all Tiger's fault. The guy messes up his knee, and just like that, everybody decides to mow their lawn. What's good for the yard is bad for the game, but until Woods finishes rehab, the song will remain the same.

There is good news. I will heretofore abstain from picking on Valhalla, site of that epic duel eight summers ago and home to next month's Ryder Cup. As premium venues go, it makes for an excellent horse farm, but both PGAs at the Li'l V have been better than OK. Oakland Hills? I've been there three times and I'm still waiting to see something more exciting than a rain delay.

-- John Hawkins